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Amy O

Survivor since 2001

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Oak Park, IL
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I had a history of fibrocystic disease, so when I found yet another lump in my breast I was just annoyed - assuming it would be benign. When there was a follow-up ultrasound to my mammogram, I was totally unprepared for the doctor's "I'm quite sure this is malignant. We're sending you to the surgeon for a biopsy today." The result was a left breast mastectomy followed by chemotherapy, reconstruction, four years of Tamoxifen and one of Arimidex.

I celebrated five years cancer free with my girlfriends in Mexico. A week after I returned home, I found a small lump deep in my armpit on the same side as my mastectomy. Mammograms showed nothing, but I was uncomfortable with the lump, and convinced my surgeon to remove it. There was a fatty mass containing 4 lymph nodes, one of which was cancerous. The removal was followed by radiation and a switch to Aromasin, which I remain on to this day.

I am now involved with a number of breast cancer organizations, volunteering my time to help others however I can.

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