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Lou Cam

Survivor since 2013

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Dublin, Ga.
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I am 56 years old. Found a lump in my breast. I have invasive ductal with lobular features, highly suspicious for lymphomavascular invasion. Had a partial mastectomy on 5/9/13 along with 2 setinal nodes removed, and implant exchange. Two tumors removed, 2.3 cm and .5 cm. Grade 3. Lymph nodes and margins were clean. Awaiting drain removal and appointment with oncologist. Expecting chemo followed by rads.

After getting my oncotype score of 17, I opted to not have chemo. It was still one of the most difficult decisions I have ever made. Having other illnesses and going through a divorce played a part. I realize just how individual and personal treatment decisions are for all of us. I will be starting 32 radiation IMRT treatments on 6/3/13, with 5 years of estrogen inhibitors to follow.

It is now almost a year since I found my lump. I finished rads in July. Because I have had other health problems, I have had lots of testing - no cancer has been found in my breasts, bones, blood, or colon. I have had terrible side effects from all of the hormone inhibitors, and will probably try tamoxifen next. Hopefully, I will be able to take that for 5 years. Physically I am feeling better than I have in a long time.

Now, three years out, I am doing well, and am taking letrozole. Last December I had an implant replaced due to encapsulation caused by radiation.

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