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What is a grade 3 tumor?

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Learning About Breast Cancer about 9 years
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    Learning About Breast Cancer
    This depends on whether your laboratory is reporting using the English/Australian system often called the Nottingham Index or Bloom and Richardson VERSUS the American system. You did not say which country you were posting from. The answer above is correct for US and US based tumour rating systems BUT in the Nottingham Index used in UK, Australia etc a Grade 3 means three individual scores of 1 [lowest risk] added together equals 3. Which under that system is the LOWEST score or the least aggressive form of cancer, not the more aggressive.
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    I believe the grade is for agressiveness. 1. is mild, 2. moderate and 3. very agressive.
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    I had a early stage 2 grade 3 tumor. No spread to lymp nodes, clear margins, er positive. I had a lymsectomy and next week go to oncologist to talk about treatment. Grade 3 sounds scarey but it's out does that count .
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