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What are some options for breast reconstruction surgery?

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    If you want to talk with someone about the pros and cons of these different types, call Y-ME National Breast Cancer Organization (800-221-2141) to talk to a breast cancer survivor. You can also request a "match" call with someone who has had a specific type of reconstruction.
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    Basically, you can choose between an autologous flap, which is tissue from your own body; or implant reconstruction. Tissue flaps can be taken from the abdomen, or hip. Some choices are DIEP, or TRAM. SGAP flaps are tissue taken from the love handle/buttock region. Then there is the implant reconstruction. Tissue expanders are inserted and filled with saline until you get to your desired size. Then you switch the expanders to permanent implants that are filled with either silicone or saline.
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