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Just had a bilateral mastectomy and I chose the DIEP flap for reconstruction... Having some issues with my stomach incision...anyone else have any issues??

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    I am having the same surgery in couple weeks.
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    I haven't started the reconstruction stage yet. I had total right mastectomy back in Feb. I'm currently finishing up chemo. Should be done in Aug. won't be having any radiation. Im looking into the different ways of reconstruction. Suggestions????
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    I had that procedure in November. My stomach wound did not completely close until February. It was more of an ordeal than my breast removal. How are you?
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    I had the same surgery but lost one breast 5 days post surgery and now have one DIEP and one with an expander. The stomach sore but the skin is numb still after 6 weeks. Breast muscles are still very sore but pt is helping. This was a big surgery and ended up being 3 total so far and will still have to do at least one more to put in implant. The hole thing stinks
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