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Has anyone had significant weight gain with Anastrozole? I've been on it since June, had bilateral mastectomy June 20 and since my surgery I have gained 20 pounds! My eating habits are the same - I am so frustrated!

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    Stage 2B Patient
    I think all kinds of cancer treatments cause weight gain. I have gained 20 lbs too and just too anastrozole a short time.
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    Survivor since 2012
    I am gaining too but I know some of it is not having the energy I did have and giving in to some stress eating. I have decided that I'm just gonna do my best and trust God for the rest.
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  • Nancy Ries Profile
    Survivor since 2011
    Deborah, I have been on Arimidex (Anastrozole) since December 2011. I have not had weight gain but extreme difficulty in losing weight. I was trying to lose weight when I was diagnosed last September. Put it on hold until after biopsy and radiation. I have managed to lose 15 in a year. Good nutrition and the gym three days a week. Recently I added Pilates once a week. My girls are grown with their own families. I babysit two days a week for my youngest grandson. Manage to put "me" time into the other days. Good luck. Don't give up. Fighting the scale is nothing compared to fighting breast cancer!
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