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drinking too much and just diagnosed with breast cancer

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Learning About Breast Cancer about 8 years
  • Diana Foster Payne Profile
    Stage 4 Patient
    I agree....when you're first diagnosed with breast cancer it's normal for your mind to go over & over the things that you've done in the past that you think might have caused your cancer. I didn't smoke, I ate healthy, drank only an occasional glass of wine, & exercised often. I also had no family history of breast cancer. But I still had breast cancer. Children get cancer. They didn't do anything to cause their cancer. Cancer doesn't discriminate. Yes, there are certain risk factors...but they dont really have all the answers on why people get cancer. Please try not to beat yourself up. You need this energy to be focused on a plan of healing. Let us know how you are, hugs, Diana
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    • deb s Profile
      Survivor since 2012

      Very well said!!!!!

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  • Sharon Danielson Profile
    Survivor since 2007
    Oh Gal! I never smoked, never drank, led an exceptionally clean life and STILL got breast cancer. I think it is human nature to blame yourself for somehow screwing up and GIVING yourself breast cancer. PLEASE try to put that aside and just concentrate on getting yourself through the steps to beat-the-crap out of this disease! We are all sister's here, many of us are presently going through treatment and I am at the 5 year mark. Hang in there darlin' quit flogging yourself. So sorry you are joining our little party group. We are all here to support one another. Take care, Sharon
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    Learning About Breast Cancer
    Are you saying that you have been a big drinker and this has caused your cancer?.......they don't really know why some woman get breast cancer and some don't so don't beat yourself up about drinking it is probably not the cause, there are many many things it could be. Don't let it get you down, you will need all of your strength. Good luck.
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