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G-III, LVI (-), PNI (-), HER-2 neu FISH Test (-), 36 lymph nodes are examined but all are negative for malignancy, Operated for breast carcinoma on 20-08-15, will I be able to get well soon

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  • Sharon Danielson Profile
    Survivor since 2007
    You should have a treatment plan by now. Your oncologist should sit down with you for a thorough discussion about your treatment and how long it will take. I can't really tell from your pathology what this means other than you are triple negative and you have no cancer in your lymph nodes....YAHOO! You need to make an appointment asap to talk to your oncologist to talk treatment plan. Take care, Sharon
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  • Betti A Profile
    Survivor since 2013
    Has your doctor(s) recommended anything other than the surgery? Chemotherapy, radiation, etc. You will get well soon, treatment(s) affect everyone differently.
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