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Pinehurst, North Carolina
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I am a 32 year old mother and wife who was diagnosed with breast cancer in august of 2011 and it was confirmed early september i had invasive ductal carcinoma and i am tripple negative. I found my lump on my left breast and went into the doctor immediately. I had a biopsy and ultrasound along with other test ran. I ended up having a lumpectomy september the 12th and it went well along with 9 lymph nodes removed. The doctors found cancer in three of the nodes and that is why i had nine removed. Then i went on to have a Pet Scan and MRI done but everything checked out well now i am currently ungoing chemotherapy 16 treatment and then i will have treatments of radiation. I am fighting strong and i have 8 weeks left of chemo. My motto is to fight it don't let it fight you!

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