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February 14, 2020 I went in for my normal yearly exam. That was a Friday, Monday morning first thing my phone was ringing and I answered to hear the words, “ We need you to come in for an ultrasound immediately.” I asked why, and what was found. Of course over the phone they do not tell you anything. So I went in that day for the ultrasound, they told me they found 2 masses but don’t be worried they could just be cysts. Two days later I got the dreaded phone call. I went in the next week for the biopsy. I spoke to the surgeon doing the biopsy about his opinion of what I am dealing with. He told me it looked like an aggressive form of cancer. He told me you do not go from no signs of lumps to two lumps in a year. He told me I would be having surgery and chemotherapy in my near future with radiation. His best estimate was a five year expected life. I left the hospital a complete mess. Later that day, my primary physician called to schedule with an oncologist. They only had one oncologist in our area. I asked if I could go to Hershey Medical Center for a second opinion. Of course, everything has to be run by the insurance. So I waited a couple more days to get the go ahead. HMC called me right away and scheduled me for a MRI the next week with a follow up with one of their breast surgeons. I went in, the surgeon was fabulous. She pulled up all my records from my mammogram, MRI and past mammograms. She named my cancer a Acute Lobular Carcinoma. She said it is one of the most common and easily treatable. She staged me at stage 1. And told me I will live another 50 years. Boy, was a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. I went in a week later, had a partial mastectomy, my Onco scores was low so she didn’t recommend chemo, just radiation therapy and 10 years of Tamoxifen. I am so glad to have gotten a second opinion and now have a team of doctors working together instead of just one.

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