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Today is November 27, 2015, the day after Thanksgiving. The day before Thanksgiving my breast cancer was confirmed. It started a few months ago with a lump that I thought I found in the shower, but then it kind of disappeared. Denial was my frame of mind to the extent that I avoided touching my breast for weeks to avoid finding the lump again. Of course I found it again, right before a planned out of state trip to visit one of my adult sons. I decided I would deal with it as soon as I returned, but during the trip, the lump got larger, and my breast became tender and red near the site of the lump, which is at the 6:00 position under the nipple (right breast). Terrified, I called my GP back home and she put me on antibiotics, and made an appointment for me the day that I returned from the trip. Three days later it was diagnostic mammogram and ultrasound. Two days after that back at my own doctor's office and the radiology report said BiRads 5. Almost certainly malignant. Three days later I was in the surgeons office with my first introduction to her, and she ordered the biopsy for a few days later. They took about 7 samples with incision. That brings me to two days ago, the day before Thanksgiving when the surgeon called for me to come in immediately. Confirmed, ductal invasive carcinoma, triple negative.

I have my first appointment on Monday 11/30 with the oncologist, also getting a breast MRI that day. Meanwhile I am preparing, and trying not to come unglued. I will opt for bilateral mastectomy if my insurance will cover it. My oncologist will do a BRCA test on me; my mom died of ovarian cancer a few years ago, and I was told both breast and ovarian are related to the BRCA gene.

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