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At age 66 I went for my normal mammogram in March 2013, For the first time ever, I was told there was something suspicious on it, so I was sent from our small town to a larger nearby town for a second mammogram. The mass could not be felt, either by me, or the doctor. I was hopeful this was just a glitch or shadow, but the mass was much clearer on that one, so I was scheduled for an ultrasound-guided needle biopsy a week later. The results came back showing there was a small cancerous area in my left breast. I have to admit it - I was devastated and cried like a baby. I talked with a breast surgeon and she said I had a choice of either a lumpectomy followed by radiation, or a mastectomy. She said if she had to take out a larger amount of tissue, the lumpectomy might be disfiguring, she couldn't guarantee it. I asked for an MRI just to make sure there was nothing else present. After the MRI, there was another smaller area that showed up, so I was scheduled for an MRI-guided biopsy of that area. That was an interesting experience, to say the least. (Lying on my stomach with the boob hanging down through a gap) Luckily it came back negative, so I was back to my original decision. After much prayer, research, and tears, I decided just to go ahead and have the left breast removed, and reconstruct it with an implant. On April 30, 2013, I underwent the mastectomy and began the expander and filling process. I met with an oncologist who said my cancer was just "plain vanilla", easy to treat. I did not require chemo or radiation, and since I am hormone-receptor positive, he prescribed Aromasin to be taken daily, along with a calcium and vitamin D pill to build my bones, plus a twice-yearly injection of a bone builder drug. Presently, as I write this, I am almost to my last fill. There has been some discomfort/pain along the way, but all in all I feel very blessed. I am so glad this was caught early and I have great doctors. I am trying to live my life as normally as possible, and so far I have been able to. God is good.

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