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What dose it means for result of breast biopsy with estrogen, progesterone,HER2 positive? Do all those hormone cause cancer if the body has too much of them?

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  • Deborah Camacho Profile
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    Cancer feeds on these hormones when they are positive. Don't know that they caused cancer, but they keep the cancer growing.
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  • sharon s Profile
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    All of them are bad guys if they are your cancer receptors. Her2 seems to be the most troubling as this controls speed and cancer kinda asking for more food. But even this is linked to a specific and longer protocol -- it's an infusion of Herceptin over a year. Yes I'm triple positive! I'm about five months in and going back to work
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  • Lisa G Profile
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    From my understanding, estrogen is the bad guy. Too much can cause cancer. If is such thing as a good cancer, tripple positive is the good one because they have different types of medicine to treat it. I wish you all the best with your journey
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