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Is there a certain type of breast cancer that causes pain in the breast, chest and armpits?

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    Hi Kristi, there several types of breast cancer. And yes, pain can be one of the symptoms of breast cancer. That can happen with any form of breast cancer. I have IDC and had pain as one of my symptoms. It's so important to notice any changes in your breast and get them checked out. And make sure you're satisfied with the answer you're given. Good luck to you. :)
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    I had pain in my armpit but I think it was because I had cancer in my lymph nodes and they were swollen. Cancer usually doesn't hurt but there are exceptions. If you think something is wrong, don't give up until you are 100% sure. Even if that means going to another doctor. IBC does hurt but it is also noticeable. Read up online about what IBC symptoms are like. God Bless ;you!
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    Learning About Breast Cancer
    I was diagnosed with meddulary carcinoma on Wednesday... This type of cancer Is rear, but it is known that it can be tender and hurt. I also have one swollen lymph node under my arm. This one hurst as well...
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