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Can breast cancer return after 18 years? I have been fine doing all the right tests. A few months ago I fell on that breast and it turned totally black. One month or so later the radiologist saw something she did not like. (I am nervous)

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Survivor since 1994 over 8 years
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    Have you talked to your oncologist about your concerns? Cancer can return after 18 years, so talk to your doctor about the symptoms you are experiencing soon!
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  • Adrienne private Profile
    Stage 3C Patient
    My Grandmother had breast cancer again 19 years later, but it was in early stage so she did not have to gob through much treatment. She is fine and now 88.
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  • Judy Ziegler Profile
    Survivor since 1994
    All is well with all tests. Must have been my fall in Florida last year. Full mammo in July. Going on 19 years in September. I consider myself very lucky.
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    Stage 3A Patient
    I had breast cancer 19 years ago. I had a sarcoma removed which led to the detection of metastatic breast cancer.
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