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Why is chemotherapy still needed if breast cancer has been caught early? I have grade 3 cancer & although the tumor (28mm) was removed & the lymph node showed clear, I have to have chemo

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  • jaspal kaur Profile
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    My lumpectomy was performed at a similar stage at yours(stage2a, N0,M0), tumour size 27mm, lymph nodes negative, ER/PR positive, Her2 negative. Doc has suggested oncodyte dx, if it came as low risk, then the chemotherapy can be avoided. But m not taking any chances,and made the mind for chemotherapy and to avoid any risk in future. 5 months of treatment(chemotherapy radio) adds few more assurance to my life.
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  • Elise Merchant Profile
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    Because it's to ensure that there aren't any straggling cells. :-) Good luck!
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  • Yolanda Pruneda Profile
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    I'm at a stage 2b and just completed 6months of chemo. The Doctor told me that chemo is recommended since there is still a 40% chance the cancer has spread in areas he's not able to see yet. The chemo helps and I'd get it to be safe. My lymph nodes are now clear and the large tumor shrunk.
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  • Ali S Profile
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    I heard one doctor call it "insurance". And others say they over treat to lessen chance I reoccurrence. I'm "cancer free " after my surgery, but still having radiation in case there are microscopic cells
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