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Triple negative, stage 1, lumpectomy, sentinel node biopsy, port placement, first A/C cocktail last week, hair falling out soon, I feel overwhelmed, confused and scared. Anyone else?

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    I am triple neg too. Stage 2 grade 3, 3.5 cm tumor. My treatment plan is neoadjuvant chemo (chemo before surgery to shrink tumor) then surgery and then radiation. I'm half way through chemo now (TAC). I'm 38. The whole thing has been scary and overwhelming but I look at it as an inconvenience, not a death sentence. I'll get through this, and so will you!!! This is a great resource for support and any questions that arise... We'll help in any way we can. Some of the best advise I've gotten is to stay hydrated and to stay positive! :) Julie
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    You have earned the right to be confused, scared and overwhelmed. Please take a few deep breaths. Inhale, exhale. It seems like forever to get the diagnosis and then everything piles up and happens all at once. You are going through similar to the treatment plan I experienced. Just take one day at a time. This is the only way you can comprehend it all. Please always take someone with you if you can. It always helps to have an extra set of ears. I went and got fitted for a wig before my hair fell out and shaved my head before also. I felt more in control that way. As you will see there are many ladies on here that will become so much support for you. I found a lot of comfort and advice from my Ono nurses. If I had a question I would run it by them. If they did not feel comf answering it they would go get the doc to take care of it. Try to take each day as slowly as you can. Keep posting and good luck.
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