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I had a PET scan on Friday ; today I had my port put in and tomorrow is first chemo. Has anyone who had a PET scan experienced burning diarrhea after the scan from the stuff they make you drink?

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    Ask the place that did the scan. I would not be surprised is it was the cause of your diarrhea. I have a terrible time with the dye they inject so it is not out of the realm of possibility. Sometimes they can't tell until they do your surgery and remove sentinel nodes.... or axial nodes. I was all clear until the pathology report came back from surgery. I had one positive with micro cancer. Nothing changed, I was slated to have chemo. My stage was downgraded to a 2B. Here I am in my 8th year of being cancer free. I was bummed for sure but here I am. Take care, Sharon
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    I've had 2 and that was not a problem for me. I would tell the doctor in case you have issue with the dye.
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    I had a pet scan and I had no problems
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    I think it was the stuff I had to drink. I have had contrast MRI's before with no problem. But for the pet they inject the dye and make me drink something. I will tell him. Today is my first treatment. I am wondering how they go about giving results of that test. I am praying that it is isolated to my breast.
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